Practical Test

Your driving licence and photo identity must be shown to the examiner prior to the test commencing. Make sure you check with your instructor that you have the correct documents before you leave for the test centre. The test will begin with an eyesight test which if you fail means the test would be cancelled.

During the test you must show the examiner that you are a safe driver. In other words put the highway code into practice and complete the set of exercises.

The driving part of the test lasts about 40 minutes and involves a variety of road and traffic conditions , including driving on higher speed roads. As well as general driving it will also include manoeuvre exercises .

Next you will be asked 2 vehicle safety check questions . These are basic safety checks that a driver should carry out to ensure that the vehicle is safe to use.

vehicle safety checks water driver safety checks for oil

The examiner will then assess you on your general driving and 2 reversing exercises, such as;

* reversing around a corner

* Turning in the road

* Reverse parking

The emergency stop/controlled stops are now carried out at random ( 1 in 3) tests. You can make up to 15 driving faults and still pass your test, however, if you achieve 16 or more this will result in a test failure . Furthermore if you commit 1 serious or dangerous fault you will not pass your test .

There are no quotas for test passes or failures, if you demonstrate the standard required, you will pass your test!!


Book Your Test

Book your test online

You can also book a test by telephone using your credit or debit card, the person that books the test must be the cardholder. If booking by credit card you will be given the date and time of your test immediately.

Call 0300 200 11 22 any time between 8am and 6pm Monday to Friday. When you phone you should have your DVLA driving licence and credit card details available.

You will be given a booking number and sent an appointment letter that you should receive within 10 days.